Digitized Tibetan Archives Material at Bonn University

The study of Tibetan history is still mainly based on literary and rarely on official sources, due to almost non-exisiting access. Therefore Prof. P. Schwieger initiated a "data pool" at the Seminar for Central Asian Studies, Bonn University, presenting and analysing a representative sample. This study of Tibetan documents follows a well established tradition ot the seminar initiated by Prof. D. Schuh in the 1970ies resulting in a considerable number of publications. New technologies will provide better and ready access in this specific field of research.

Due to the financial support of the DFG (German Research Foundation) the second project for digitizing and presenting more sources on the History of Tibet has already begun in the meantime. On this website the digitized documents, the database, the seals, the summaries of the documents and proverbs etc. as well as queries of the database and text files are presented in an interactive and modular design. The reproduction of the documents as graphics allows for interpretation close to the originals. The "data pool" will be gradually extended. Simultaneously the usability of this website will be improved.

In 1998 until the end of the year 2000, we worked together with the staff of the Archives of the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR), Lhasa, on a project dealing with Legal Documents from and for Kündeling Monastery covering the 13th to the 20th century. More than 2700 documents were digitally recorded and are shown either as a digital copy or as a text-file using Tibetan Ucan scripts. All seals can be examined separatedly. In addition to articles on Kündeling Monastery's history and on the peculiarities of the scripts used in the documents the search module allows scrutinizing the original texts as well as the information stored in the database.

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Towards the end of 2002 another project (ongoing until 2005) on Tibetan Documents and Letters was initiated, based on different private and public collections, including a great variety of correspondences and letters exchanged between Tibet and Nepal. We intend to focus on the translation, the evaluation of their content and also on the analysis of administration's seals.


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